‘Vishama Bhagaya’ shown at Shanghai film fest and coming to Sydney
Ruwini JAYAWARDANA with thanks to the Daily News

Lalith Ratnayake, who directed the telefilm ‘Vishama Bhagaya’ (The Other Half),has been nominated for the Best Script Writer Award in the Asia New Talent Awards at the 22nd Shanghai International Film festival.

Pansilu Wickramarathna who portrayed the lead role in the film has been nominated for the Best Actor Award at the film festival.

Other productions which have been nominated for the Asia New Talent Awards are from countries like Iran, Japan, India, China, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

Ratnayake produced ‘Vishama Bhagaya’ to mark World Children’s Day 2004. The film, which focused on the extraordinary talents of children, was awarded ‘Best Telefilm’ that year and received rave reviews.

Known as the only category A international film festival in China and one of the largest in Asia, the Shanghai International Film Festival ran from June 15 to 24.

Around 522 films were shown in 47 cinemas all over the city during the 10-day event.

Your chance to enjoy this movie in Sydney and contribute towards a very worthy fund collection project.

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