Ozlanka achieves 20 years of unbroken community service

By Your Webmaster

This month Ozlanka marks 20th year of service to the Sri Lankan community in NSW, ACT and the rest of Australia.

The Ozlanka website has served the Sri Lankan community without asking or accepting any donations or funding from any individual or organisation for the entire two decades of operation of this website.

Only commercial Events are asked to donate $100 per event and this is passed on to a Sri Lankan cause in NSW by Ozlanka. We do not charge for any of our other services.

My professional work has increased in the past 5 years after I was accredited as a Consultant Engineer in Japan. I now run my own consulting company in Japan and consult for the 5 largest Cloud Storage providers globally for the design and project management of their hyper scale data centres in Japan.  This entails frequent international travel and long hours of work.

Juggling my volunteer time for Ozlanka and my professional time as a Data Centre engineer has become increasingly difficult and I had concerns on how best to keep Ozlanka updated during my overseas visits.

After much soul searching, I have decided to relinquish the operation and ownership of Ozlanka to a respected Sri Lankan organisation in Sydney. They will definitely take Ozlanka to the next level and provide a more professional level of community service and a modern website with wider content.

Shortly we will publish more details of the transfer of ownership of the longest serving Sri Lankan community website in Australia and probably the whole world.

I take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those who supported Ozlanka with articles, event photos and news items.  The support and encouragement I received from these individuals and the rest of the Sri Lankan community cannot be measured or counted, it was immense.

Please continue to support Ozlanka under the new management. Under their stewardship, Ozlanka will continue to grow and retain its position as the leading community website in Australia.

Imtiaz Issadeen - Webmaster Ozlanka


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