Peradeniya University Alumni Association of NSW (PUAAN) – Winter Event - 2019

By Janaka Seneviratne

It was the coldest winter night in Sydney this season – 10th August 2019. PUAAN held its annual winter event at the Yaarl Function Centre in Pendle Hill. The tastefully laid out hall was packed with alumni and their spouses, many elegantly dressed in their recently purchased expensive “Kathmandu” jackets. Thanks to their annual sales!

The winter event has always taken an intellectual flavour in keeping with the academic culture of the University of Peradeniya. Over the years we have had panel discussions on stimulating topics, lectures conducted by eminent scientists, presentations by visiting academics and highly regarded stage plays.

This year it was two highly interesting and well researched presentations by two greatly respected senior academics of the University of Western Sydney – Dr. Michael Phillips and our own alumnus Prof. Kaila Kailasapathy – on a thought-provoking, highly talked of topic – “Enhancing Human Gut Health – Probiotics and Prebiotics”.

Hitherto only scantily known, information on the value of probiotics and prebiotics was of great interest to the audience, who were glued to the presentations with pin-drop silence. Even the entree of rolls and patties served to the tables were of no interest to the listeners.

The question and answer session that followed generated so much interest that moderator, Dr. Neil Horadagoda, had to curtail the number of questions to keep within time constraints.

A fellowship and bonding session followed. It was highly encouraging to see some previously unseen alumni faces at this event - a feature that augurs well for the future of PUAAN.

Being a cold night the coloured liquid dished out off the bottles at the corner bar was seen to be in great demand, having received some encouragement from the presentations, that in moderation, this divine liquid, having gone through a process of fermentation, was good for the gut.

The evening culminated with a sumptuous Sri Lankan buffet.

Click here to enjoy an album of photos by Sathyawadi B.Rajapakse



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